Embed real-time payments in your products to create remarkable experiences

Our API enables you and your business customers to automate account creation and send and receive money in real-time, atomically and programmatically.

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  • 24/7/365

    Instant transfers within seconds. No delays.
  • 37 countries

    Access to SEPA Instant and Faster Payments schemes.
  • For developers

    The API that every developer will love.
  • Security first

    ISO 27001 certified: world’s most rigorous security standard.

The way in which Devengo empowers B2B payments


  • Make atomic payments and track their status via API and dashboard across multiple schemes.

  • Obtain real-time detailed information to manage errors and incidents immediately.

  • Smart retries of your pay-outs in order to assure the highest deliverability.


  • List accounts and all their related information like their available and real balances.

  • Create and delete accounts in real-time.

  • Receive webhooks when an account is activated, deactivated or closed.


  • Real-time knowledge: Know who, when, where from, and how much is being paid to you, or your business clients, by setting up our powerful webhooks.

  • Use the “description” attribute of the incoming payment for automatic reconciliation of the settlements.

  • Automatically trigger business actions based on the incoming payments received without the need for human intervention.

We have an obsession: Maximum deliverability*

We strive to achieve the highest instant pay-out deliverability rate in the market. How do we achieve it? By being smart :)
* We define “deliverability” as the ratio between Successful Transactions and Total Transactions
  • Smart retries

    We automatically retry those failed payments whose errors we have learned are fixable or temporary.

    We use machine learning to better understand what are the struggles that payments go through and retry those failed payments we have learned not to leave behind.

  • Smart routing

    Before processing the pay-out, we analyze which scheme is best in order to use the quickest route to the beneficiary’s account.

    E.g., if a bank is not supporting SEPA Inst transfers permanently or temporarily, we can reroute the payment and send it as a traditional transfer, so you don’t need to worry about getting unexpected errors or exceptions.

  • Smart liquidity sourcing

    We diversify liquidity into several pools on different banking rails. When any banking rails fail, we instantly switch to another to ensure your payments get processed with zero downtime.

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