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Our Instant Payments API enables seamless integration to automate payouts to your customers in Europe and the UK. Let’s do it

Test how Devengo empowers the future of payments

  • 24/7/365

    Instant transfers within seconds. No delays
  • 36 countries

    Access to SEPA Instant and Faster Payments schemes
  • For developers

    The API that every developer will love
  • Security first

    We are ISO 27001 certified: world’s most rigorous security standard

Our instant payment solution offers many advantages

  • No files, no manual work. Track payments from a to z

    Stop wasting your time with error-prone manual transfers that take longer to fix: Know instantly which transfers have failed and why, allowing you to quickly fix and forget
  • Discover the benefits of instant atomic payments

    Improve your customer’s loyalty by paying them at light-speed. Obtain real-time detailed information to manage errors and incidents immediately. Retry and re-route failed payments without additional effort
  • Prevent fraud with embedded automated compliance

    Set a strong automated AML policy: Our state-of-the-art AML compliance technology lets you set smart triggers and actions from our compliance library

Get to know our API in all its brightness

Our REST API can be easily integrated into your processes, with any system or application

  • Create and manage your accounts

  • View all transactions and control your financials

  • Make, schedule, group and cancel payments

  • A bank-grade API designed for scalability
  • Fine-grained taxonomy of business events (`payments.transfers.created`, etc.)
  • Webhooks (secured, signed, actively monitored)
  • Preview of the transfer (instant or not, errors, etc)
  • Errors having specific causes allow for remediation
  • Smart routing (split payments, chain payments)
  • Timing control (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Manual)
  • Full-time real-time consolidation through API

Manage and track everything

Manage your account through our online platform and get a general overview of all payments, transactions, and activities. Enable your team to manage and track everything quickly and easily

Do it faster, make you stronger

Discover how you can boost your business with Devengo’s instant payment solutions


    Real-time salary

    Give employees or gig workers access to the salaries they have already earned instantly and at any time of the month. Develop top-notch value propositions like wage daily payments to attract and retain the best talent

    Run their payroll in seconds

    Automatically executes all bank transfers to your employees by eliminating spreadsheets and lack of visibility when one of your employees doesn’t get paid

Trusted by the companies that really innovate

  • Jobandtalent is a leading digital temp staffing agency with +25k workers all over the world.
  • Jobandtalent is using Devengo to make instant transfers in 3 Euro-zone countries (and in the UK very soon) for more than 12.000 workers
Ernesto Cortés Torres,
Senior Global Ops at Jobandtalent
Offering salary on demand through Devengo has increased our workers satisfaction and their NPS by 15 points
  • + 300K/transaction
  • + €1,800,000 monthly transaction
  • Fine-grained feedback on the transaction status

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