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    Decoding the new SEPA Scheme: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Verification of Payee

    Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the latest addition to the SEPA schemes landscape: Verification of Payee. In this guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of this innovative system, shedding light on its functionality and importance.


    Why Won’t My Money Transfer on Weekends and Holidays?

    Why do money transfers STILL take so long? And why can’t you transfer on weekends and holidays?


    5 most Common Technical Errors In SCT-Inst and what they mean

    The immense majority of instant transfers go through without problems. But what happens when there is a problem? Which are the most common errors? Who is to blame? What is the suggested action? Read this article to answer all your questions!


    What is a Ledger and Why it’s Essential for your FinTech

    Serving as the backbone of a payment system, a ledger plays a vital role in ensuring its transparency, accuracy, and security.


    The European Payment Council and It’s Role in SEPA Payments

    The European Payment Council (EPC) is a decision-making organisation with representatives from European banks, payment service providers and banking associations to promote and develop payment schemes within SEPA.


    4 Benefits to Automating Payments Within Your Startup

    There are four key benefits to automating payments, and along with those benefits you might wonder when is the right time to automate processes within your company that were originally manual. More importantly, whether the benefits outweigh the investment you would make to change those processes.

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