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In the dynamic world of InsurTech, trust is paramount. With Devengo, compliance is a priority and automation drives our innovation. We prioritize efficient and secure transactions. Explore the simplicity of our API for automated, reliable payouts.

Trusted by InsurTech companies across Europe

Fortify Your Finances with Devengo

Elevate your platform with Devengo's advanced features:

Payments Automation

Integrate payments seamlessly into your claims approval process, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Validate Bank Accounts

Combat fraud by validating your customers' bank accounts, ensuring secure transactions and protecting against financial risks.

A2A Payments from Your Customers

Accept payments directly from your customers, including Same Day Deposits (SDD) and Real-Time Payments (RTP) via API, for fast and convenient transaction processing.

Get to Know our Product

  • Accounts Creation

    IBANs, virtual IBANs, wallets or acquirer agnostic escrow accounts. We help you to choose the best infrastructure for your business
  • Push Payments

    Instant payouts and pay-ins for Europe and the UK with the highest deliverability. 24/7, no delays
  • Pull Payments

    Request To Pay will reduce the use of cards in retail payments and low fees for merchants
  • Account Verifications

    Verify a bank account in seconds to ensure that you are paying the correct recipient

Our API is easy to integrate

Keeps developers in mind. With no unnecessary fuss.

Let us find the best financial infrastructure for your case

We will offer you the solution that is most efficient and convenient to solve your money flows, whatever they may be. We’d love to hear from you.
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